Erik's gay Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam

Amsterdam Gay Pride at Prinsengracht

Quiet clean bedroom and nutritious breakfast for one gay guest.
Experience the way most Dutch people live: in a real house with a garden in a modern residential neighbourhood.


Very quiet: only one room for one guest
Clothing optional in the entire house and sunny terrace
Living room, kitchen, bathroom shared with the owner
Only 30 minutes from Amsterdam centre by tram
Free car parking!
Gay owned, LGTB xyz and straight friendly


Your host, Erik

Erik, your host at Erik's gay Bed and Breakfast AmsterdamMy name is Erik, a 48 year old single gay man. As a freelance photographer I work at home (the photo studio is on the 2nd floor) and of course everywhere customers need me.

I enjoy bicycle riding, swimming, the sea, nature and the sun. I don't smoke, don't use drugs and don't drink alcohol. I am naturist (nudist), but I will wear clothes if my guest does not appreciate the naturist lifestyle.

What I like about my house is that it is close to the center of Amsterdam, where all the action is, but still far away from it to feel completely relaxed.
My favorite place is the garden. It is facing south, so the sun is shining here all day. In summer a great place for naturists. You can enjoy the sun completely naked on the terrace! Not many houses in Amsterdam can offer this…

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Amsterdam Gay Pride on Amstel river

Canal Parade during Amsterdam Gay Pride

What makes Amsterdam such a great place for LGBT people?

The Netherlands is probably one of the best countries in the world for gay people to live in. In 2001 The Netherlands was the first country where gay couples could legally marry.

In the past there were a lot of cruising areas. Some of them were tolerated. If the police would drive by, they did it to check on the safety of the men visiting the cruising area. Not to arrest them. Unfortunately those places were also frequented by gay bashers. But thanks to the police we were relatively safe there. Thanks to the internet visiting cruising areas is very as popular anymore as it used to be.

The Dutch police and military are actively recruiting amongst gays and lesbians, because they want to represent the entire society. The police and military are even participating at the Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade each year! So if you ever need the police, you can completely trust them. And if you are a victim of a hate crime, you should mention to the police that you were attacked because you are gay. They will even put more effort in catching the criminals.

A large majority of the Dutch population has no problems with LGBT people. The majority of the Dutch people are not religious. Just a few percent of the population is extremely religious. And most of them still don't accept us. Teenagers and less educated young men from Northern-African and Middle-Eastern descent are often not gay friendly at all (to put it in a mild way)...

Since I started hosting, I welcomed gay guests from all over the world. They tell their story about how difficult it is to be who they really are in their own country. Even to their own family, they can not come out of the closet. This makes me realize how fortunate I am to live in The Netherlands.
I like to share and show the freedom we have and hope to inspire those who are still fighting for their human right to be who they really are.

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