Rent a bike in Amsterdam

bicycles in Amsterdam

Rent a bike in Amsterdam

There are three ways to rent a bicycle in Amsterdam.
  1. The modern way: Bike rental with an app.
  2. The old fashioned way: Go to a bike rental company, which you find many in the city.
  3. If you have a personal public transport chip card: OV-fiets, available at most railway stations.

1. Bike rental with an app

This option soon will stop to exist. From 20 October 2017 on the city of Amsterdam will remove all e-rental bikes!
But in Amsterdam, things can change quickly. So I expect these services will come back in a bit different version. So I keep this information still online.
Download any of these apps and you see the nearest available bikes in a map on your phone. You can leave the bike wherever you like (as long as it is allowed to park your bike there). So that is a great advantage.
At this moment (summer 2017) there is a lot of discussion going on about these services. The issue is that the companies who offer the bikes occupy the street with hundreds of bikes, where the old fashion rental companies are not allowed to show all their bikes on the side walk. So it might be that these services stop to exist at some moment...

25 cents per 15 minutes. I once tried to use and it did not work... :-(
Android app
iOS app
Use invitation code 1708121814178971 to get free rides!

1 euro per 30 minutes.
Android app
iOS app

Keep in mind you pay every time you unlock the bike. So if you want to make a tour in the city and stop at many places, it can cost a lot... But the best way to enjoy Amsterdam is by walking anyway. So just use the bike for longer distances...

Donkey Republic:
This one is a little bit different. You have to return the bike to a certain point. Just check the website and app to see if it is good for you.

2. Bike rental companies

Just Google bike rental Amsterdam. Enough companies to choose from.
You get your own bike and it will always be available where you left it. Make sure to lock it!
Average price is 10 euros per day.

3. OV-fiets

Only if you have a personal public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart)you can use these cheap bikes.
OV-fiets (= public transport bike) is operated by the railway company NS. Bikes are available from most railway stations and have to be returned there. There is no guarantee if a bike is available..
If you are visiting Amsterdam for just a few days, this is not an interesting option.

Please be careful!

Because the locals complain so much about inexperienced cycling tourists, this video was made and is now shown in hotels and other places where tourists stay.

The serious part in this video is from minute 2:00 until minute 3:00. Look at it!!!

Bike parking in Amsterdam

Make sure to bike your bike in a desgnated area!

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